The training program, aimed at allowing PhD students to acquire the skills necessary to carry out highly qualified research activities within the research topics of the Doctorate, includes formal teaching, non-formal teaching, seminars and research activity.
The PhD student must compulsorily attend the courses proposed by the Doctoral School (the so-called “transversal courses”) and by the Teaching Body. During the three years of the Doctorate, each doctoral student must acquire a minimum of 8 training credits, which necessarily include at least 2 credits from the transversal courses and 4 from the specific courses of their Doctoral program.
In addition, a questionnaire on the activities carried out by doctoral students (participation in courses and seminars) and an annual report written in English will be requested annually. These elements, together with the judgment expressed by the internal tutor, are evaluated by the teaching staff to determine whether the doctoral student can access the following year of the course.
The Academic Board can also organize events open to the public (including within scientific conferences) in which doctoral students are required to participate by submitting a report on the progress of their research.
PhD students are encouraged to spend training periods abroad, in another university or external structures. Starting from cycle 38 of the Doctorate, these training periods abroad are mandatory. Attendance abroad must in any case be authorized by the Teaching Body, subject to the favorable opinion of the tutors.