Il Dottorato in Neuroscienze

The PhD program in Neuroscience is an interdipartimental, multisite enterprise based at the Department of Surgery and Translational Medicine of the University of Milano-Bicocca and its mission is to provide an environment of excellence for training in research based on the coexistence and cooperation of Universities, Hospital-based research centers, Pharmaceutical Industry with a strong vocation to innovation and a European research center with unique opportunities in the field of imaging and irradiation with X-rays.

This mission is pursued through the interaction between researchers and clinicians, who work in academic or industrial reality, and that belong to all areas that constitute the “world of Neuroscience” in its more modern concept.

Strong commitment to international collaboration and the development of joint research programs allowing a period of study/research in partner laboratories distributed in the most prestigious foreign universities are cornerstones of the program.

To achieve its goals the PhD program is organized in 5 tracks:


1 . Molecular and Cellular Biology

2 . Regeneration and Tissue Engineering

3 . Cognitive Neuroscience

4 . Experimental Medicine

5 . Clinical Neurosciences