Info on the admission test

The selection for the 34th cycle of the PhD in Neuroscience has been announced here.

Deadline for application is June 7th, 2018 at noon. Applications can be placed only online following the procedure described in the call. Applications not completed by the deadline will not be accepted.

Admission Test

Admission is based on a public selection and applicants to the program must hold a master degree equivalent to the Italian “Laurea magistrale/specialistica” (five year university degree, equivalent to a Master qualification). Candidates must submit with their application a proof of their degree with the final score and the assessment will be in charge of the examining Commission. Admission test for foreign students is in English.

The written examination will take place September 12th, 2018 at 2 p.m. in the room LAB1811 in the building U18 in Via Podgora, Vedano al Lambro (MB).

The oral examination will take place September 17, 2018 at 9 a.m. in the building U8 in Via Cadore, 48 in Monza in the meeting room at the first floor for the curricula Experimental Neuroscience and Molecular and Cellula Biology and in the meeting room at the ground floor for the curriculum Clinical Neuroscience.

The selection of the candidates follows the rules dictated by the Doctoral School. In particular, for the PhD Program in Neuroscience the selection includes an assessment of qualifications and publications, a written examination and an oral examination.

At time of application the candidates must submit together with the proof of their degree also their publications list and a summary of the research project they propose to conduct in the PhD period. The project will be discussed during the oral examination. The submission of the project is mandatory and candidates not submitting a project will not be admitted to the admission tests.

The written examination evaluates the candidate’s ability to write a research protocol. The examination board provides different tracks, taken form published papers and related to the research areas of the Doctorate. The candidate chooses one of the tracks and write a feasible research protocol to deal with the proposed scientific issue.

The oral examination is mainly on the research project submitted by the , but it covers also different topics, e.g. a discussion on the written examination or previous research experiences. Moreover, knowledge of English is tested.

A total of 10 schoolarships are avaiable for 34th PhD cycle:

  • 6 regular positions (2 for the Clinical Neuroscience curriculum and 4 for the other two curricula)
  • 1 position funded by “Associazione La Nostra Famiglia” and  linked to the research project: Multi neurofunctional biomarkers for monitoring developmental trajectories in early onset phycopathology
  • 3  “PhD Executive“ positions, reserved each to employers from Istituto Neurologico Besta (Milan), ASST Papa Giovanni XXXII (Bergamo) and Rottapharm Biotech (Monza).

The candidates for the extra positions will follow the standard admission procedure and will be evaluated together with the candidates of the Clinical Neuroscience curriculum (for the project schoolarship and for the PhD executive for employers from Besta and ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII) or with the candidates for the curricula Experimental Neuroscienze and Molecula and Cellular Biology (for the PhD executive for employers from Rottapharm).

For enquiries regarding the admission to the PhD in Neuroscienze, please write to or to

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