Giovanni Tredici


Giovanni Tredici was born in Milan in 1944.
MD (Milano, I, 1969); register in neurology (Milano, I, 1972); Assistant neurologist (1970-1983); Associated Professor of Anatomy (Milano, I, 1983-1985); Full Professor of Neuroanatomy, faculty of Medicine, University of Milan; MURST advisor for the national research project “Neurobiologia”.
Director of the Dep.of Neuroscience and Biomedical Technologies, Milano Bicocca (2000-2012)
President of the Doctoral School in Experimental and Clinical Medical Science (2010-now)


  • Ultrastructural organization and synaptic connections of brain stem and thalamic nuclei involved in pain transmission or in electrical cortical rhythms.
  • Neuropatology of peripheral nerves. In particular, toxic and drug induced peripheral neuropathies.
  • Cellular responses to different kinds of stimuli in neuronal-like cells (neuroblastoma).
  • Mesenchimal Stem cells : biological characterization and use in reparative medicine .
  • Animal models of neuroimmunological diseases.

Tecniques: morphometry, electron microscopy, immunoistochemistry, anterograde neuronal tracers, cellular cultures, PCR, immunoblotting


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