Renata Nacinovich


Degree in Medicine and Surgery, 1982, specialty in Child Neuropsychiatry from University of Pisa, research scholarship from the Ministry of Health: diagnostic and therapeutic protocols in language development and language/speech disorders.

1/03/2005-28/02/2008: researcher at University of Brescia, clinical practice at Child Neuropsychiatry Clinic, Spedali Civili, Brescia.

1/03/2008 – present: researcher at University of Milano – Bicocca, clinical practice at Child Neuropsychiatry Clinic, San Gerardo Hospital, Monza. Associate Member of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society, affiliated to Milan center.

Professor in the area of Child Neuropsychiatry for various university programs.


  • Correlations between neurobiological and psychopathological aspects in childhood and adolescence
  • Eating disorders in children
  • Personality disorders in adolescence
  • Developmental disorders: diagnosis and early interventions
  • Parental couple and children’s psychopathology
  • Effectiveness of psychotherapuetic treatments
  • Child cerebral palsy and rehabilitation


Correlations between neurobiological and psychopathological aspects in childhood and adolescence; in particular, as far as eating disorders are concerned, various authors have reported a frequent comorbidity with anxiety disorders and depression [Patton et al.1997, Gokart et al. 2000]. Nevertheless, currently there are no studies which have found evidence of this correlation through standardized tests. The aim is to identify endophenotypes linked to specific clinical characteristics, possibly correlated with biochemical parameters, which might lead to specific treatment programs tailored to each patient, in the attempt to overcome the restrictions of the current nosology.


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Pierre Marie Curie, Paris: Erasmus and teaching exchange program, as well as research project on autism and rehabilitation (Prof. Anne Gatecel)