Gemma Massetti

Curriculum vitae

In 2017 I graduated with honours in Clinical and Developmental and Neuro-Psychology (M.Sc.) at the University of Milano-Bicocca, and in 2018 I achieved my qualification to practise as a Psychologist. During my program of studies, I learnt the use of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (TMS and tDCS) to investigate the functioning of brain networks and the neural bases of cognitive processes in healthy subjects. Successively, I deepened clinical neuropsychology, spending my first semester of traineeship at Centro E. Spalenza – Fondazione Don Gnocchi in Rovato (Brescia), with patients affected by acquired brain injuries (ABI). My passion for this field encouraged me to expand my knowledge, achieving a Second Cycle Degree in Music Therapy at the Conservatory G. Frescobaldi of Ferrara, with a thesis about severe acquired brain injuries (sABI). Finally, at the Department of Psychology of the University of Milano-Bicocca and in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, I spent my second semester of traineeship doing research on designing, implementing and testing new technologies applied to the neuropsychological assessment and neurorehabilitation. This field is currently my main area of research.

Research project

Assessing the effects of multisensory stimulation through new technologies on patients with acquired brain injury.

  • Track: Clinical Neuroscience
  • Tutor: Prof. Alberto Gallace
  • Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Vallar

In the last few years interactive devices that exploit multisensory stimulation and augmented or virtual reality have been showing a variety of potential benefits for many aspects of rehabilitation assessment, treatment and research. Furthermore, the introduction of a peculiar design of those devices based on the concept of user centred approach could even empower their beneficial effects.

Initial applications of those devices in other fields of medicine and psychology have yielded encouraging results, but continued research and understanding of those evolving technologies will be crucial for its effective integration into the rehabilitation of patients with an acquired brain injury (ABI).

Therefore, my PhD project aims first to compare the effectiveness of different types of multisensory stimuli on the neuromotor rehabilitation of patients with ABI. Then, the second aim is to support the design and development of new devices that can be easily used by physiotherapists and neuropsychologists for the assessment and the rehabilitation of patients with ABI.  Eventually, the third aim is to clinically validate the devices developed, by testing them on both patients and neurologically healthy people.

Publications and congresses


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