Valentina Murtaj


I was born in Croatia on 15th June 1990. After a bachelor degree in “Biology and molecular and cellular technology”, I graduated in 2015 in “International Master Degree in Neuroscience” at University of Trieste.  I worked on my master thesis in a Preclinical PET Laboratory situated in San Raffaele Hospital, in Milan, under the supervision of Professor Moresco. I worked mainly on validation of new potential radiotracer in neuro-inflammatory pathway involved in different neurodegenerative disease including Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, in specific on microglial cells.  After winning two-research fellowship at University of Milano Bicocca, I undertook the “PhD in Neuroscience” course at University of Milano Bicocca in 2017. My work is currently concentrated on investigation of new biomarkers involved in neuro-inflammation during aging and to study biological differences between genders.


Gender, age and metabolic dysfunction as risk factor for neuro-inflammatory pathology disease

Track: Experimental Neuroscience

Tutor: Moresco Rosa Maria

Aged and demented population represent the highly relevance for delirium appearance. Neuro-inflammation, involved in aging is one of the most supported by the literature. Microglial cells are activated by local and systemic inflammation and become primed (hyper-responsive) to small stimuli with aging, which can potentially cause damage and neuronal death. When an acute inflammatory stimulation occurs peripherally in a vulnerable individual, microglial cells become over activated and inflammatory mediators overexpressed in the CNS. Pro-inflammatory neurotoxins such as bacterial LPS strongly down-regulate TREM2 and the ability to microglial cells to phagocytose extracellular debris. The TREM and TREM-like receptor are expressed by a variety of innate cells of myeloid lineage including macrophages and microglia. There are also several risk factor than aging that could facilitate neurodegeneration development, including gender, lifestyle and presence of genetic polymorphism. Obese state is associated with chronic-low grade inflammation in which exposure  to free fatty acids initiates inflammatory signalling leading to immune cell infiltration contributing to inflammation state.

Aim of my project will be the evaluation of the effect of inflammation in sex and gender-related during aging and metabolic dysfunction in animal model and to better understand the role of TREM2 and TSPO as risk factor for inflammation and microglia activation, using PET imaging and molecular and cellular techniques.



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