CAJAL Training Programme 2015

These two new neuroscience courses have just been announced as part of the CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme sponsored by FENS and IBRO and hosted at the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience in Bordeaux, France:

  • Bio-Neuroinformatics for the Neuroscientis

  • (21 September – 2 October 2015, Bordeaux, France)
    The Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training “Bio-Neuroinformatics for the Neuroscientis” will provide students with a practical knowledge of state of the art bioinformatics and modelling methods used to understand the molecular and cellular basis of neuronal functions and pathologies.

    Course Directors:

    Nicolas Le Novère (Babraham Institute, UK)
    Marie-Claude Potier (CNRS-Inserm-UPMC, France)
    Macha Nikolski (University of Bordeaux, France) – On-site chair

    Julio Banga (Instituto Investigationes Marinas, Spain), Sven Bergmann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Laura Furlong (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain), Padraig Gleeson (UCL, UK), Pierre de la Grange (Genosplice, France), Christophe Junot (CEA, France), Olivier Kirsh (Université Paris Diderot, France), Reiner Veitia (Institut Jacques Monod, France), Alejandro Villaverde (Instituto Investigationes Marinas, Spain).

    Apply now!. The application deadline is 9 May.

  • Advanced Techniques for Synapse Biology

  • (10 – 31 October 2015 – Bordeaux, France)
    The Cajal Advanced Neuroscience course “Advanced Techniques for Synapse Biology” will provide students with hands-on training in advanced contemporary methodologies of synapse research, guided by top specialists and combined with keynote lectures by renowned senior scientists.

    Course Directors:

    Matthijs Verhage (Vrije University Medical Center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Nathalie Sans (Inserm-Bordeaux, France) – On-site chair
    Laurent Groc (IINS-Bordeaux, France) – On-site chair

    Mario Carta (IINS-Bordeaux, France), Niels Cornelisse (CNCR-Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Camin Dean (ENI-Goettingen, Germany), Joris De Wit (VIB-Leuven, Belgium), Stefan Eimer (University of Freiburg, Germany), Laurent Groc (IINS-Bordeaux, France), Yann Humeau (IINS-Bordeaux, France), Christoph Koerber (Heidelberg University, Germany), Thomas Kuner (Heidelberg University, Germany), Ira Milosevic (ENI-Goettingen, Germany), Valentin Naegerl (IINS-Bordeaux, France), Paulo César da Silva Pinheiro (CNCB-Coimbra, Portugal), Janet Richmond (University of Illinois-Chicago, USA), Nathalie Sans (Inserm-Bordeaux, France), Jean-Baptiste Sibarita (IINS-Bordeaux, France), Ody Sibon (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Ruud Toonen (CNCR-Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Patrik Verstreken (VIB-Leuven, Belgium), Noam Ziv (Technion-Haifa, Israel).

    Apply now!. The application deadline is 15 May.